Interactive Cat Toys For Your Feline Friend

Take time to play with your cat every day and you will have a happy, healthy and alert feline for a long time to come. Using interactive cat toys makes it very enjoyable for both you and your feline buddy. Finding cat toys is easy with a plethora available in supermarkets, pet stores and specialty shops. It doesn’t take a fortune to buy a variety of cat toys that will be enjoyed by your cat with and without you.

Interactive cat toys are those toys that a cat can chase, that are made of things like feathers or fuzzy stuff usually tied to the end of a string or rubber band that you can dangle, pull along the floor and hold in front of your cat. Remember, things that are on a string that disappear over the top of something are almost irresistible to your cat.

For instance, a good interactive cat toy is one that has a feather connected to the string. If your cat is sitting on the floor and you are on your bed, dangle it over the edge of the bed until you have the cat’s attention. Then slowly raise it, pulling the string so that the feather appears to rise and disappear over the top of mattress. The minute that feather reaches the top and begins to disappear, your cat will pounce. It comes partially from the cat’s natural curiosity and the predatory sense that all felines have.

Curiosity and catnip are great combination’s as well. Those fuzzy little mice attached to a string and stuffed with catnip is also one of those great interactive cat toys that will last for a long time. All you need to do is refill the fuzzy creature with fresh catnip from time to time, pull the string and you’ll be the hit of your feline’s universe. The catnip is a powerful cat attraction and the fact that it is moving across the floor will also be irresistible. Scratch and Purr

One of the modern interactive cat toys is a beam of laser light. They are inexpensive and can be found at most pet stores. Cats love them and will chase the little ball of light that the laser produces for hours. It is something that never gets old with your cat, and you can sit on your sofa, turn it on and watch your cat have a ton of fun. Many cats will even begin to recognize that you are about to play with them when you pick it up and get ready to chase the ball of light and have fun.

When it comes to interactive cat toys, simpler is better. If you have old pill bottles, cats love to play with those as well. Just throw them and watch your cat scamper off to bat it around. There are even some cats that will not only chase a wadded ball of paper, but will fetch it and bring it back for you to throw again. These toys are fun for both you and your cat, and are easy, inexpensive and provide hours of entertainment

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