8 Facts About Backlinking

I get a lot of questions about backlinks….what they are, which are better, how to get them etc. Below you’ll find some random facts about backlinks:

• Definition: Backlinks are links on other sites which link to one of your site’s pages. For example, if I put a link on my WeberInternetMarketing.com web site to Matt Cutt’s blog, Matt’s site has a backlink from me.

• Backlinks have more relevance in Google’s eyes if their anchor text contains keywords related to the page being linked to.

• On that note, when placing links to your site in the bio section of articles, etc., don’t always use the same anchor text; switch it up. It’s even OK to sometimes use “click here” for anchor text. The reason is that you don’t want to create patterns. Google likes things to look “natural”. 구글광고대행

• 10 backlinks from 10 different domains are more powerful than 10 backlinks from one domain…all things being equal.

• One backlink from a high PR site, say 5 or 6, “could” be worth more than dozens of backlinks from very low PR sites.

• Backlinks from non-related sites offer little relevance and are of little value. For example, if your uncle has a dog training site and he places a link on his site to your airplane site, it won’t be worth much.

• Now days, reciprocal linking is significantly discounted by Google. One-way links are much more valuable than reciprocal links…all things being equal.

• You cannot be penalized by Google for getting too many backlinks IF you get them manually by bookmarking, article marketing, web 2.0 sites, etc. (or even if you hire a VA to manually get them). However, you CAN be penalized if you participate in any type of “paid” linking systems. Do not participate in systems that auto populate mass numbers of websites with your link. And never pay for links that do not include a “no-follow” tag.

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